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introduction to offshore wind

The Introduction to Offshore Wind is the first course of its kind which shall give participants a 360-degree view of offshore wind projects covering topics such as the UK wind market, major players, farm identification, ownership, contracting, foundations, floating wind, construction, insurance and hydrogen production. 

Quotes from delegates who attended the course in 2022

"Great course, superbly run." ESB

"A unique course which opened my eyes to the true nature of the offshore wind industry" Axis Capital

“I travelled over to UKRA from Dublin and found the mixture of specialised technical, commercial and practical know-how highly beneficial for lawyers who need to understand the broader context of the projects on which they advise. The networking elements were relaxed and enjoyable.” Matheson

"The UK Renewables Academy provided a wide-ranging and interesting look at the renewables industry, and attracted speakers with a high level of expertise in their fields who were passionate about their subjects and happy to share their knowledge. That coupled with the rare opportunity to see yards and offshore windfarms in action up-close on the practical visit made it a highly valuable and worthwhile course.” Allianz


Course objectives and benefits

This is the first course in the UK which is specifically targeted at educating energy industry professionals involved in renewable energy about offshore wind and hydrogen. 

The course has been specifically designed and developed alongside leading industry professionals. Throughout each session depending on the topic, participants shall get an introductory level and/or a technical understanding to every area of the sector. The course is  therefore also applicable to participants who are experienced in one particular area and want to have a better understanding of the wider industry.


Delegates on our 2023 course had ranging experience from 3 to 15 years and also came from several sectors, for example developers, contractors, financiers, insurance, lawyers and consultants.  

On the final day of the course, delegates will visit an offshore wind fabrication yard and travel on a vessel to see an offshore wind farm in operation. We are delighted to confirm that new for this year, in addition to the yard and offshore tour, delegates will also attend an offshore wind training facility and have the opportunity to climb a wind turbine tower. For many, this course day trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

All of the courses are taught by industry experts who have been directly involved in the development, delivery and operation of some of the largest offshore wind farm projects around the world and hydrogen projects in the UK. 


The course will also identify and analyse emerging technologies, policy, economy and finance considerations and the management of offshore projects. 


programme details

This course offers delegates an unmatchable insight into the offshore wind market, how an offshore wind farm site is located, obtains the relevant consents, constructed, funded, operated and decommissioned. The course will also consider the future for offshore wind and how floating wind and hydrogen will become important elements in future offshore projects. 

The following modules will be presented:

•    Financing a wind farm
•    Offshore wind farm inception – location, inception stages, consenting, ownership & commercial drivers
•    Fixed Turbine foundations – types, processes, difficulties offshore, manufacturing 
•    Floating Wind – developments, differences, markets, issues 
•    Contractor involvement – EPCI, T&I, subcontracting, balance of plant
•    Wind farm commissioning and O&M 
•    Cabling – types of cables, issues encountered to date, repairs 
•    Hydrogen – types of hydrogen, production and transportation  
•    Contracting issues
•    Legal issues and case studies


On the final day, participants will:
1) undertake offshore health and safety training;

2) climb an onshore wind turbine;

3) tour an offshore crew transfer vessel; and

4) participate in sea survival training (appropriate swimwear is required).

Participants will then transit to an offshore wind farm on a vessel to see an offshore wind farm in operation*.  


The programme will be taught in English. Applicants should have a suitable level of proficiency in the use of the English language.


programme speakers

All of the offshore wind and hydrogen modules are taught by industry experts who have been directly involved in the development, delivery and operation of some of the largest offshore wind farm projects around the world and hydrogen projects in the UK. The course will also identify and analyse emerging technologies, policy, economy and finance considerations and the management of offshore projects. Our speakers for the 2023 course are from the following companies:

  •      Acteon Group

  • ·     Boskalis

  • ·     Shell

  • ·     Orsted

  • ·     Centrus Advisors

  • ·     Collaborative environment Advisors (CEA)

  • ·     Protium Green Solutions

  • ·     Seaway 7

  • ·     Ternan Energy

  • ·     Stephenson Harwood

  • ·     HKA

  • ·     Port of Blyth


entry requirements - who should attend

This programme will suit those who work in the offshore energy and renewables industry, in both an onshore and offshore offer environment, and who have a strong interest in obtaining a deeper understanding of each stage of the lifecycle of an offshore wind project. 

This programme is also an ideal opportunity for delegates to meet like-minded professionals who are involved in different parts of the offshore wind sector. 


Also recommended for:
-    Engineers
-    Insurance brokers, underwriters, and claims handlers
-    Accountants
-    Lawyers and in-house legal
-    Finance personnel 


Upon completion of the course, delegates will be awarded a Teesside University Renewable Academy certificate of completion.

The course will qualify as Continuing Professional Development for (i) members of professional engineering institutions, (ii) Chartered Insurance Institute and Personal Finance Society qualified members (structured or unstructured) and (iii) accounting professionals (verifiable).  


programme fee and other costs

The programme fees for the 2024 course are £2,500 + VAT per delegate.

The programme fee covers:

1)    Course materials; 
2)    Catered lunch daily;
3)    Beverages and snacks daily;
4)    Dinner on each day of the course; 
5)    Transport to and from all evening events; and
6)    Transport to and from (i) offshore wind fabrication yard (ii) training facility (and turbine tower climb) and (iii) offshore windfarm.


Offshore Wind Farm Tour And Friday agenda 

Timings for the Friday activities will be confirmed shortly before the September 2014 course however please note for delegate planning purposes, the Friday agenda for the 2013 course was as follows:

Group 1: Leave from MIMA Car Park at 7.40am
Group 2: Leave from MIMA Car Park at 8.00am

Group 1: Onshore activities
Group 2: Offshore activities

Group 1: Lunch 11.30am
Group 2: Lunch 11:45am

Group 1: Offshore activities
Group 2: Onshore activities


Groups 1 and 2: Arrive back at MIMA Car Park at circa 4.00pm


We anticipate similar timings for the 2014 course. Please note groups will be confirmed during the course.


Other Costs

While most costs are covered in the programme and tour fee, participants will have to arrange their own travel to and from Teesside and accommodation in Teesside for the duration of the programme.


The closest train station is Middlesbrough Station. Middlesbrough Station | Train Times and Info - Northern ( Teesside University, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn Express are all within walking distance of the train station. 

The closest airport is Teesside International Airport Home - Teesside International Airport

Teesside Airport has flights to and from Dublin, Belfast, Amsterdam, London, Southampton, Bristol and Aberdeen.



Holiday Inn Express Middlesbrough is the recommended hotel of choice for the 2024 course.



If you have successfully applied and been issued with your invoice, you can cancel your ticket at any time by notifying


Your entitlement to a refund of your ticket price will be as follows:

100% refund of ticket price: If cancelled within 7 days of receipt of invoice


60% refund of ticket price: If cancelled before 19 February 2024; or
40% refund of ticket price: If cancelled between 19 February 2023 and before 1 April 2024, or
0% refund of ticket price: If cancelled after 1 April 2024.


If you do not want to cancel your ticket, but wish to transfer it to a colleague within your company, please contact us at

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